Soundline event technic

sound technology

Sound technology - one of the crucial part of every event. With an appropiate soundsystem you are able to bring the key message to your customer.

video technology

Showing pictures to the customer are important - we offer you for every operating site the right solution - video projector, LED Wall, display, preview display

special effects

Fire, CO², sparkling fountain, smoke, foam, bubble, confetti effects and laser shows make your event unique.

light technology

Using an appropiate light technology at your event is very important. Set your own highlight and create the best atmosphere for the customers.

stage equipment

Stage construction, stage roof, stage platform, traverse consists, mobile stage

safety equipment

crash barriers, crowd barriers, site fences, safety accessory for the best security at your event


Soundline event services

media design

It is important to have the right audiovisual content for your event. We can provide it to you!

maintenance & repair service

Recurring services, repair of damaged event technic, electrical test (DGUV3) is one of our service sector.

sound level measurement

We have qualified staff, who are able to do noise level measurements in consideration of the DIN15905-5 standard and TA-Lärm with a calibrated sound level meter (German noise pollution prevention regulation).

agency service

You need additional event equipment, a catering service or an event location. We connect you to our partners.

stage service

You need additional personnel support? We offer you every technician. Sound engineer, light engineer, video engineer, laser safety officer, specialist (and 'Meister') for event engineering and stage hand service.

L'Acoustics system engineer

We also have qualified system technicians for L'Acoustics products. Creating visualiations until setting up the sound system - all from one source.

event concepts

Creating own event concepts, visualization of event areas and stages are also our core service elements.